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About Us

Paradise Provisions was born out of a desire to take the work out of meal planning and entertaining, freeing up more time for being with the ones we love and doing the things we enjoy.

The idea began on Topsail Island, our favorite vacation spot in North Carolina. We experienced the need for meal and cocktail kits first hand as we traveled long distances to get to paradise only to find poorly stocked kitchens and small grocery stores that did not carry our favorite ingredients.

As food and drink are at the center of all memorable gatherings, we found ourselves carting our favorite ingredients state to state, year after year. We knew that if we had this problem so did you.

Our idea was to minimize shopping, meal planning, over buying and waste. This led us to create everyday essential kits that are ready to go whenever you are. We started with our favorite recipes that have fed our families for years. Testing the recipes was a lot of fun! Family and friends sampled every dish and cocktail multiple times before it was “approved”.

We tried to include things that are important to us like, organic and non-GMO ingredients. We utilized recycled plastics and minimized our packaging. We set out to create the products we wished were available to us as we stood in the aisle of the mom and pop grocery stores, scratching our heads, wondering what to make for dinner.

We hope our kits relieve the stress of planning and give you extra time to enjoy your family and friends in the place you call paradise.


Carrie & Nicki